The Lawbreakers and Peacemakers Inc.

About Us

Step back to the 19th century with us, a period in a time of transition that involved lawless men on one side and colorful women and good honest folk on the other. The Indian Territory was a haven for Bad Men, Wild Women, Squatters and illegal guns and whiskey. The stories of the U S Marshals and their Deputies that for right or wrong changed the shape and direction of the Greatest Nation on Earth .

There is no Sunday west of the Mississippi and no God west of Fort Smith.

We are a nonprofit organization bent on keeping the old west alive. Our Mean Hombres and Wild Women all have the heart to turn our passion for playing Gunfighters, Cowboys, Indians, Civil War Soldiers, Bar Gals, School Marms and many other characters into a fun filled educational series of performances that are sure to delight kids of all ages.

Our Goal

Our goal is to preserve the historical heritage of this region and the pioneer spirit that grew this country. The cultures of the indigenous peoples: the newly freed slaves and the truly legendary men and women who forged a new land in iron, blood, sweat and tears. This was the gateway to the Great American Frontier. The day of the Native Americans, Mountain Men, Pioneers and Wagon Trains. The Pony Express Riders, River Boat Gamblers, Railroad Speculators and Cattle Barons. New settlements, Buffalo Hunters, Good Soldiers and Corrupt Politicians. The tales written in gunsmoke of “The Lawbreakers and Peacemakers”.

Our History

Located in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma is a very rich history of the 1800’s.

This is where the legend of Judge Isaac Parker the famous hangin’ judge and the relentless pursuit of evil doers by the brave men of the U S Marshal service was played out. Bad men and women, land speculators, murderers and thieves all hid out in Indian Territory a huge expanse of land and it was the job of Judge Parker and his deputies to clean it up. The legendary “Trail of Tears” cuts a path through this area that marks the expulsion of Native Americans from their homelands to corrupt Government Reservations.

Many significant civil war battles were fought in this region and had a major impact on the outcome of a time when America was a war torn and ravaged country. The pain and the hopelessness of the reconstruction era spawned outlaws like Cole Younger, Jesse and Frank James. Rampant unemployment brought about ruthless gangs like The Doolin’s and Dalton’s. These times made heroes of men like “The Three Guardsman Heck Thomas, Bill Tilgman, Chris Madson” and one of the best Bass Reeves.

What We Perform

Lets us take you into this colorful past with legendary, historical and humorous re-enactments. We portray this era with a mixture of comedy and melodrama to entertain as well as educate spectators at all of our events. Firearms safety is an important part of our portrayals and is demonstrated at all events. We are family oriented and with no bad language or blood and guts.

The Lawbreakers & Peacemakers are available to perform at the following type of events:

Street Festivals
Bank Robberies
Private Parties
Train Robberies
Shotgun Weddings
…and much more!